Send Message On WhatsApp After Being Blocked

Send Message On WhatsApp After Being Blocked

January 24, 2019OffByRimmy Sain

WhatsApp Stand for most popular Massage sending app in the worlds . In the last few months Whatsapp has Many changed and added new feature for security and privacy purpose like hiding status , two-step verification and hiding profile picture and many more .

Whatsapp Blocked someone a feature as we know all about this but now you can send massage BLOCKED PERSON . In the next process we will explain how You can send massage a Blocked Person .

Lets Go …

Before be start the process ensure you should confirm who blocked you . So first know how to check who blocked you

  • You can able to see her/his profile or  Profile Information
  • Check Whatsapp conatct list you can see her/his
  • Can see the Single tick after sending the massage

If you can’t see these all points thats means you are Blocked

Now Start the process How you can send massage after Blocked

Step 1. Ask your friend to create a whatsapp group

Step 2. Added you with Blocked person

Step 3. Ask your friend made admin you

Step 4. Now you can send massage directly Blocked Person.