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Samsung Galaxy S9 will set the records with its hardware filling

The recently launched Galaxy S8 versions are equipped with American and European made on 14-nm process technology 8-core processor Exynos 8990 (4 core branded Mongoose 2.5 GHz and 4 core Cortex-A53 1,6 GHz) and graphics Mali-T980 MP12.Masthead processor coupled with 4GB of high-speed memory LPDDR4-playfully deals with the heaviest 3D-intensive applications. Now imagine, what Samsung Galaxy S9 will be doing in 2018 with its hardware filling. Yes, there will be new records in performance.

In addition to the current forms of communication Samsung equipped the Galaxy S9 function of Wi-Fi-relay. In this mode, a smartphone can be picked up to any available Wi-Fi hotspots and the Internet to distribute through.From Galaxy S8 box works on the sixth version of Android, which is installed on top of a proprietary shell TouchWiz.The presence of pre-basic set of applications from Samsung, a full set of Google apps and services, social networks, and a set of software from Microsoft.

Permanently applications, of course, go to minus device with position optimization, but if you do not want to spend a certain number of times to search for and download applications from Google Play or Samsung application store, a large set of pre-installed software, even useful.In addition to some changes in the interface associated with the transition to All Android Marshmallow, particular attention is drawn to the new game center, accumulating all user games in one interface and optimizing gameplay. You can turn off any warning during the game application, the system lock key, prohibit unloading the game application from RAM when minimized, and forced to reduce the resolution and the number of shots in the game. Probably, with the launch of Galaxy S9 we will welcome more changes in the TouchWiz.

Galaxy S8 is equipped with a non-removable battery at 3000 mAh with fast charging. Obviously, depending upon usage and other factors battery life times can vary, and in this scenario, the results were quite acceptable.Prior to testing, we made full reset to factory settings with the memory cleaning, left automatically adjusts the display brightness. The smartphone is proposed that the initial setup, updated applications and download the update Android 7.0.1. Now set your keen expectations for the Galaxy S9 to be powered with more powerful battery than Galaxy S8.

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